Zechariah 9 Prophecy Fulfilled Nov 2012

Here is Zechariah 9 (from The Message Bible). Everything in italics is exactly as it is written in The Message version of scripture. It is interspersed with ACTUAL CURRENT NEWS LINKS. We are watching Biblical prophecy come true in front of our very eyes.
Zechariah 9 (The Message Bible)

The Whole World Has Its Eyes on God

War Bulletin:

God’s Message challenges (MESSAGE OF LIBERTY—REBEL FORCES)

 the country of Hadrach. (SYRIA)

It will settle on Damascus.

The whole world has its eyes on God.
Israel isn’t the only one.
That includes Hamath at the border,

and Tyre and Sidon, clever as they think they are. (LEBANON)
Tyre has put together quite a kingdom for herself;
she has stacked up silver like cordwood,
piled gold high as haystacks.

 (Silver and Gold ROCKETS funded by terrorists money—see photo link below)

But God will certainly bankrupt her;
he will dump all that wealth into the ocean
and burn up what’s left in a big fire.

Ashkelon will see it and panic,

http://gawker.com/ashkelon/  (SEE ACTUAL PANIC IN ASHKELON)

Gaza will wring its hands,


Ekron will face a dead end. (MODERN NAME: Tel Miqne) See Wikipedia below:

The city of Ekron (Hebrew: עֶקְרוֹן ʿeqrōn, also transliterated Accaron), was one of the five cities of the famed Philistine pentapolis, located in southwestern Canaan.

Ekron has been identified as modern Tel Miqne, which lies 35 kilometers west of Jerusalem, and 18 kilometers north of ancient Gath, on the eastern edge of Israel's coastal plain.

Gaza’s king will die.

Ashkelon will be emptied out, (Double meaning:  evacuated in war and evacuated as negotiated “peace” objectives)


And a villain will take over in Ashdod.

He was indicted in 1993 for accepting bribes and sentenced in 2000 to three years in prison. Under the conviction, Deri was barred from public service in the political arena for seven years.

6-8 “I’ll take proud Philistia down a peg:  (MODERN DAY NAME PALESTINIANS)
I’ll make him spit out his bloody booty
and abandon his vile ways.”

What’s left will be all God’s—a core of survivors,
a family brought together in Judah—
But enemies like Ekron will go the way of the Jebusites,

According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites (Hebrew: יְבוּסִי, Modern Yevusi Tiberian Yəḇûsî ISO 259-3 Ybusi) were a Canaanite tribe who inhabited and built Jerusalem prior to its conquest by King David according to the Biblical account;

into the dustbin of history.

“I will set up camp in my home country
and defend it against invaders.
Nobody is going to hurt my people ever again.
I’m keeping my eye on them.


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