Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get In, Get Out or Get Run Over

My daughter and I are big fans of the TV show “Project Runway”.  This reality show pits up and coming fashion designers against each other.  To stay in the game, the contestants must perform well on individual fashion challenges.  At the end of each challenge, super-model Heidi Klum tells the remaining contestants:  “As you know in the fashion world, one day you are IN, and the next day you are OUT”.  She then proceeds to boot someone off of the set. 

This is always the climax of the show because it sounds so brutal and finite.  No more chances.  You are either IN or OUT—plain and simple—nothing to misinterpret.  Get out. 

It got me to thinking about this scripture verse: 

So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth. (God addressing his people during the end of the age)~Rev 3:16 

It’s interesting that in this scripture, like Heidi Klum in Project Runway, God is very clear.  It cannot be misinterpreted.  According to God, you are either IN or you are OUT--no in between status, no gray, fuzzy areas.  No Swiss “demilitarized zone” where you may retain your citizenship in one country and also flirt with divided loyalties to another sovereignty (sorry Michele Bachmann!).  Apparently, God has more disgust for someone who is “lukewarm” (claims to be godly but lives in disregard to it) than someone who is downright enthusiastically evil!   

Recently, a U.S. District Court Judge recommended removing the first 4 Old Testament Bible commandments from the wall of a school and just displaying the final 6 in order to settle a lawsuit by the ACLU.   

For reference here’s a list of the Bible’s 10 commandments:

1)      You shall have no other Gods before Me

2)      Do not make any graven images (idols)

3)      Do not misuse the name of God

4)      Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy

5)      Honor your Father and your Mother

6)      Do not Murder

7)      Do not commit adultery

8)      Do not Steal

9)      Do not Lie

10)  Do not Covet

Sounds too deliciously absurd to be true, right?  Well, here’s the link:

Click Here for 6 Commandments Article

Is this guy serious?  Unfortunately, he is VERY SERIOUS.  This is the obvious ultimate and final solution for adopting the “religion of human secularism”.  This judge is a brainwashed proselyte for this new religion--the sad fact is he just doesn’t realize it!  He thinks he is being “compromising” and “fair” (dare I say “lukewarm”?).

For a more complete definition of human secularism—read blog posted June 1st
 (To Believe or Not to Believe…that is the Question).

Amazingly enough, this is the last line of this news story (verbatim) that explains the Judge’s suggestion: 

“Rather than keeping all 10 commandments, he suggested removing the first four and simply leaving the remaining six. Why, you ask? Well, the first few commandments are religious in nature, whereas the final six are far more secular.”

Phew….for a minute there I thought he was espousing another religion or philosophy instead of the Judeo-Christian ethic this nation was founded on.  As long as they are SECULAR, then it should all be OK, right?  Folks, who are we kidding?  When you base our culture on ANY different philosophy, we are then adopting a new set of standards.  Just because they are deemed not to be “religious” in nature, makes them no less formidable to rock the very foundations of our society.  If ALL things are equally true, then nothing is ultimately true.  It’s the old philosophical argument—if Truth is relative, then there is no absolute Truth.  Then…this very statement is also not true (wow, somebody get me a Tylenol—I haven’t felt this confused since Philosophy 101).    

Interestingly enough the Bible calls the number 6—the number of man or humanity (Rev 13:18).  Even more interesting, the first 4 commandments ALL pertain to man’s relationship with God.  It actually makes PERFECT SENSE in the religion of Human Secularism to ditch the first 4 commandments.  You CANNOT have the religion of Human Secularism if you keep Commandments 1-4.  There really is no way to spin them.  Human Secularism is IN, God is OUT.  Got it?  

So…I believe God is asking Americans today…Are you IN or are you OUT?   

We are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness~1 John 1:1-9

Today in the United States, we need to Get IN, Get OUT or Get RUN OVER by Human Secularists—or we will suffer a fate that is much, much worse….get spit out by God himself.  There really is no more frightening outcome than this.

Please join me in praying that this is not the path of our nation.   

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