Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

In the Declaration of Independence, there is the well known phrase “We hold these truths to be self- evident”.  Apparently there are some things in life that are so blatantly obvious to every thinking person, that there should be no necessity in having to explain it.  Unfortunately, in today’s debased culture of “truth relativism”, this no longer holds true.  People are accepting the most extreme, outlandish garbage pushed on them by TV, movies and books as somehow “normal”.  Practices that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago are becoming normalized by a large portion of our population.  Recently, President Obama called the Hollywood Elites “the final arbiter” for the American people.  It’s beginning to take on very creepy undertones.    

Once again, I had a big eye-opener during a church service I attended recently.  Apparently, the Pastor felt it was necessary to get up and admonish the parishioners to NOT, I REPEAT, NOT read the sadomasochistic porn bestseller “50 Shades of Grey”.  This continued to plague my mind for the rest of the evening.  There are some things that should simply be “self-evident”.  If we have one iota of modesty, love for God, respect for women or just plain old common sense (not so common anymore), we would not purchase or read this book.  Remember, this was not said in a secular setting—this was stated to a Southern Baptist congregation of Bible believing Christians.  I don’t need to say to my kids:  “Hey kids---see that cesspool over there?  Please don’t go swimming in it.  And whatever you do, for GOODNESS SAKES don’t drink it.”  My kids would turn around to me and say something profound like:


The frustrated Pastor seemed very aggrieved in his spirit to realize that it was actually necessary to state the obvious.  Apparently, this truth was no longer “self-evident”. (See previous blog: “The Great American Apostasy”).    

In this bestseller series, which amazingly occupies the #1, #2 and #3 spots for Fiction on the New York Times BestSeller list, the overall theme is a perverse story of two main characters who engage in BDSM, a new acronym all of us now need to learn along with LGBT.  For the “uninitiated” (pardon the pun), let me tell you what this stands for:  Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism.  The series, which has affectionately been dubbed “mommy porn” by the adoring media, depicts a woman who gets into a dark sado-masochistic relationship with a man who enjoys this shadowy secret life.  Female submission is the overriding theme.  In a not-so-subtle slap in the face to Christ-loving people across the world, the title characters first name is “Christian”.  I guess the author wanted to somehow debase Christians along with all women as a group also.  

In a previous blog (“A New Foundation”: June 30th ) I wrote:

“Pornography has exploded and we are now told that the womanly ideal is to be immodestly dressed, scandalously naked or a 90 pound skeleton. Let’s face it:  modern day woman is now stripped down, naked and skeletal.  I envision someone in a death camp”.

Apparently, this level of debasement is not quite enough for us.  Now American women wish to openly and literally embrace BONDAGE and CHAINS. I hope the symbolism in this new trend is not lost on you!

I don’t know what it will take for us to get a WAKE UP call, but maybe a few HORRIFIC statistics will enlighten us:

Rape:  Not only is rape on the rise, but it has gotten more sinister and deeply embedded in our culture.  The latest horrific rise of rape has been on infants.  Yes, INFANTS.  This detestable trend has police officers even at a loss for words.  Infants as young as a few months old are being assaulted by this rising perversion.  The second disturbing increase is found in our MILITARY.  Reports have come back that the problem is so prevalent that women soldiers can no longer use the latrines without an escort.  There is now an actual “Rape Task Force” in the military just to address this growing problem.

Domestic Abuse:  You may have heard the recent alarming story of the 9 month pregnant women whose boyfriend kidnapped her, shot her, set her on fire and left her for dead.  Somehow she escaped but the imagery is just too much for some to bear.  By all measurable levels (shelters overflowing, police reports, high-profile Hollywood beatings) Domestic Abuse is skyrocketing in America. 

Sex Trafficking:  The Washington Times and the FBI report that Child Sex Trafficking (the majority of which are young girls aged 12-14 years old) has reached EPIDEMIC proportions.  The most recent estimate is that in the UNITED STATES there are as many as 300,000 children and women being held against their will and pimped out as “sex slaves”.  Can you imagine a more horrible existence?  Now Sex bondage is glamorized in our best-selling literature????? 

Abandonment:  Studies show that in some minority communities the out of wedlock births is now at an eye-popping SEVENTY TWO PERCENT.  Sociologists across all political lines agree that “Fatherless-ness” is the root of most of our cultural problems.  It has been identified as one of the prime reasons for the explosion of incredible violence we see in the Chicago-land area (the highest murder rate in the U.S.)

Gender-Selection Abortion:  This is on the rise WORLD WIDE including the United States.  Ratios of Boy to Girl births is dropping precipitously in most countries that have easy access to abortions.  If abortion is about our “rights” and “freedoms”, why are GIRL babies the ones being aborted?  Why are women marching in the street for the rights to annihilate OURSELVES?  I simply cannot grasp this type of thinking.  It must be the same type of thinking that goes into WOMEN being the largest purchasers of a book that puts us into BONDAGE.  The correlation is truly frightening.      

Is it no wonder that Volume II of this series is called “Fifty Shades Darker”.  How much darker can this get?—I shudder to think of it. What do we need to get our attention—someone to hit us over the head with a hammer?  Well…maybe that’s what we women REALLY want, right? (wink, wink).

In the 1980’s, Cyndi Lauper came out with a lively “women’s anthem” song
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  It was supposed to be some sort of “joie de vivre” freedom lyrics for women to just let loose.  Live it up…

So Ladies… with the explosion of violent degradation against American women and our children through rape, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, abandonment and gendercide….I just have one question for us….

Are we having fun yet?

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."~Genesis 3:15

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