Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can We Handle The Truth?

Remember the 1992 movie A Few Good Men starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson?  In the climax of the film’s courtroom drama, Tom Cruise shouts at Jack Nicholson on the witness stand:  “I want the Truth!”  Jack Nicholson loudly yells back “You can’t handle the Truth!”  There are days when, like Jack Nicholson, someone needs to confront us with this realization.  Here’s some Truth Americans just can’t seem to handle:

1)      Abortion is Murder.  This Truth gradually appears to be dawning on some of us slowly as our darkened brains attempt to keep up with the increasingly clear science.  The statistics now show that a little more than half of the American populace is Pro-life.  Even just making that statement seems absurd.  I guess the other roughly half of Americans are “Pro-Death”.  Now with public funded abortion and employers forced to provide abortifacients, won’t we all be equally culpable in the 60 million American-Child Holocaust?  Each and every one of us will factually become a murder accomplice.  It seems that Obama’s HHS mandate purposefully wants to force every American citizen to have hands drenched in innocent blood.  In the generation that has grown up since the Roe v. Wade decision 40 years ago, is it any wonder that we have birthed a culture of school shooters and violent criminals?  Truly our youth have learned our cultural lesson well to place little or no value on the Sanctity of Life.  Truth #1:  Unless we overturn this barbaric law, our society will continue to slide down the “slippery slope” of truth relativism which results in a permanent searing of our national conscience.

2)      Marriage is a God-ordained Holy Sacrament between a Man and Woman.  The State has no intrinsic right to “ordain” a marriage.  You know, in a strange way…I sort of agree with the statement from the LGBT community that they are “born this way”.  In essence, like the absurd Lady Gaga lyrics, we are, indeed, ALL “born this way”.  As sinful, fallen human beings, we are natural born killers, adulterers, thieves, liars, fornicators, and blasphemers.  However, with the help and grace of God, we must not give into our natural evil instincts. Once we not only start embracing these evil impulses, but ELEVATING them to the status of a Holy Sacrament—we commit the ultimate apostasy which is turning ourselves into God.  “Ordaining” Gay marriage is no different, theologically speaking, than if we legally approved child sacrifice as a Holy Sacrament.  On second thought…perhaps we already do this as our children are slaughtered daily on the ungodly altar of Human Secularism.  Truth #2:  If we continue to redefine long standing social and moral norms we will ultimately cause the demise of our nation through cultural implosion. 
3)      The Majority of Christian America is Apostate.  In an earlier blog, I defined exactly what apostate means.  By any measure of the word, most people who call themselves Christian today in America are apostate.  That is to say, they CLAIM to believe or acknowledge that their Faith requires a certain code of conduct or behavior from them--Yet they willingly and knowingly choose NOT to follow it.  Here’s some eye-popping statistics from the 2012 election:

Catholics:  Despite having every level of their clergy loudly condemn the horrific evil and sin of abortion, 50% of American Catholic voters pulled the lever for Obama.  An almost equal amount of Catholics didn’t bother to vote at all!  Now we’ve all heard the name CINO before (Catholics in Name Only).  May I humbly propose a new one? Catholics in Need Of Repentance.

Protestants:  44% of “Mainline” Protestants and 94% of Black Protestants voted Democratic.  This is despite the fact that 70% of Blacks came out in strong Biblical opposition to gay marriage AND despite a disproportionate amount of black babies being slaughtered in the womb.  Religious “convictions” cannot be very strong if they are readily ditched for want of a free ObamaPhone.  Is this all it takes to approve of scriptural abominations and genocide?  This must be a new sect of Protestants not previously identified before.  For lack of a better term, let’s call it the “Phone”y Protestant denomination, shall we?

Mormons:  With 94% of Black Protestants remaining loyal to Obama, despite their self-proclaimed religious beliefs, you would think the Mormon vote was a “shoe-in” for Mitt Romney.  Think again!  TWENTY-ONE PERCENT of MORMONS voted for the Democratic Party planks!  The Ordinance of Sealing (Marriage) is probably one of THE fundamental doctrines underlying the Mormon Church—but apparently not in the voting booth.  These Mormons must be a segment known as the “SHAM’s”:  Shameless Hypocrites As Mormons.   

Evangelicals:  Now surely…Bible thumpin’ Protestants would be a united voting block for scriptural values, right?  WRONG.  20% of self described Evangelicals voted FOR a party that BOOED God during its convention.  Maybe we should send our next donation check to a new mission field that desperately needs to be “evangelized”—the United States! 

Truth #3:  Christian Apostasy is a huge problem in America.  National Repentance and another “Great Awakening” is the only hope.

4)      The Majority of American Jews don’t truly support Israel.  If you are an American Jew, you may be feeling pretty smug right about now:  “Boy, those American Christians really are a mess!”  However, this segment of our citizenry does not get a free pass today either.  In Israel, Obama garners only 20-25% approval ratings.  However, here in the U.S, he received a whopping 60-70% support from American Jewish voters.  Simply stated, the majority of Jews in America are rather indifferent to the problems plaguing their native homeland despite their indignant rhetoric.  When the “rubber meets the road”, like the 2012 elections—American Jews voted to preserve their own comfy political ideologies, while their Israeli counterparts dodge rockets and terrorist attacks.  Isn’t this exactly the same sort of apathy prevalent by the German citizenry in WWII that caused deep public shame after the War ended?   Just this week Obama approved the shipment of twenty F-16 American fighter jets to Egypt’s “evolving Dictator” Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Will American Jews sleep well tonight knowing that their tax dollars may be used to bomb their brethren and possibly cause the next Holocaust?  If this Truth causes serious indignation—please go back and re-read the title of this blog.

Truth #4:  Statistics show that Israel’s most ardent supporters in America are seriously practicing, church attending Evangelicals or Messianic Jews.     

5)  Finally…the Ultimate Truth.  Contrary to the pathetically ignorant, ill-informed and scientifically unproven American Atheists logic, God is our Creator and “intelligently designed” the entire Universe.  Since this is a blog about Truth, no matter how unpopular…let’s mention the most “unpopular” person to ever have lived on the planet:  Jesus Christ.  For those of us who believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior, King of Kings, and The Messiah, we are no longer interested in having our Faith pushed to the sidelines.  I realize that this Truth is not considered “politically correct” or not “inclusive” and not “tolerant” enough according to the current high standard of American morals.  I am sure this belief ticks many Americans off.  However, they certainly don’t seem to care if they tick off Jesus-loving Christians by their offensive campaigns, lawsuits, billboards, movies and best-selling novels.  I’m equally sure the majority of people offended right now at the certainty of Truth in this statement have: a) Never taken five minutes to study this out for themselves. b) Never completely read the Bible. c) Never investigated the Old Testament prophecies.  d) Never studied the abundant and independent historical data on Jesus.  e) Never earnestly or prayerfully asked God to reveal Himself to them.  Don’t you think something as important as your eternal outcome should at least be fully investigated? 

Truth #5:  There is no proven scientific rationale for not believing in God.  All societies that have removed God from their central core are either very oppressive to human rights or have eventually collapsed. Societies with the most freedoms, liberties and highest standards of living are most often those with deep Biblical underpinnings.

So, will our country continue its downward spiral of tragic mass murder shootings, class tensions, selfish entitlements, wholesale baby murder, social redefinitions, God-less schools and looming economic disasters?  The moral and fiscal cliffs begin in January…Do we blindly keep moving “Forward” or do we finally get a handle on Truth?  

Truth is like fire.  It can purify and refine or it can utterly obliterate and destroy. 

Can you handle it?

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
~John 8:32

~Patrick Henry


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