Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brave New World

Perhaps you were required to read Aldoux Huxley’s famous novel “Brave New World” when you were in high school.  Almost prophetically, Huxley envisions a society where reproductive technology has completely transformed the culture.  Huxley’s book was a sartorial answer to the “utopian” books of that period that romanticized a socialist society where everyone got what they needed equally.  In Huxley's book, human interaction was devoid of any intimacy and religion was obsolete.  Government controlled everything and life was predictable, sanitized and bland.  Maybe the author was just following that particular line of utopian wishful thinking to its natural conclusion: as long as fallible man is ruling the planet there would be no such thing as a “fair share” society.  Any effort to generate one would result in a vanilla mix of humanity where everyone was marginally the same but no one was special.  If you haven’t read this book in awhile, I urge you to check it out again.  It will capture you with its prescient depictions of societies gone mad through technology and radical cultural change. When this book came out in the 1930’s, these concepts were considered total fiction and fantasy—difficult for anyone to really believe outside of the setting of complete flights of the imagination.  Fast forward 80 years.  It appears that Huxley was amazingly accurate to some degree.  Perhaps just enacting “change” without some sort of moral compass is not necessarily progress and will have disastrous results.    

The current Democratic campaign slogan in 2012 is:  “Forward”.  That’s it—simply “forward”, nothing else.  This slogan evokes feelings in me from mild amusement as in….Just Forward?—no further explanation? Forward where?  Do we have a plan?  Is forward always necessarily good?  To downright shudders…….I imagine masses of people being pushed “forward”.  Jews being herded “forward” into the gas chambers…..Women being urged “forward” into an abortion clinic….Society now being shepherded “forward” into some strange, brave new untested world. 

Recently, I wrote about the “brave, new world” in China.  To date, that blog posting has had the most outraged response due to the disturbingly true story of “Ground up Baby flesh pills” (see May 8th, 2012 post about this latest atrocity coming out of China).

Sometimes, thankfully, we can still be shocked.   

Readers asked:  “Why, why, why…would someone want to grind up baby flesh and package it as ‘stamina’ pills”?  I think a much better question is “Why not?” Any ideological philosophy that is unhinged from a grounded moral mooring is based on human reasoning.  Here’s the reasoning (sick though it is) that goes into grinding up human babies and cannibalizing them for your own personal improvement:


1)      First Premise:  There is nothing inherently sacred about human life.

2)      Next logical step:  If there is nothing sacred about human life, then human life is the moral equivalent of animal or plant life.

3)      And then:  Don’t we use animals and plants for food and sustainment?

4)      Conclusion:  Hey…Let’s use humans for food and sustainment!


1)      “They” are just going to waste anyway—we may as well utilize the parts as a product.  Take historical note of the “stripping away” of the Jewish race during the Holocaust.  Why waste perfectly good clothing, glasses, hair, and gold teeth?  We may as well extract these items of “value” (personal objects) from the “item of no value” (humans). 

2)      We personally did not cause the demise of the human flesh we are ingesting. 

3)      Perhaps some “good” can come out of this atrocity.  Especially for MY selfish “good”—then I can have the added benefit of feeling positive about this experience.      

Next:  take this line of thinking and apply it to ANY social issue that does not BEGIN and END with God’s laws.  It has a name.  It is called moral relativism or human secularism/reasoning.  It is a frightening and evil way to structure any society on the planet.  In plain English it says:  Whatever I, I, I, I, I, think is what is OK.  Perhaps I, I, I, I, I think it is OK to shoot and eat you.  It is no surprise that the first recorded sin in the Old Testament was Lucifer stating:  I will be like the Most High”.   “Well…that’s just ridiculous!”--you might say.  “We have laws to prevent that kind of thing!”  Well, maybe we have those laws today…tomorrow—no guarantees.  What if there were world-wide food shortages?  What if you were going to die soon anyway?  What if you said it was OK to shoot and eat you because you wanted to “opt out” with suicide and donate your body?  Shouldn’t you have that “choice” and “right”?  In a democratic society, I just need to get 50% plus 1 to agree with me in order for this to become the law of the land.
This is called anarchy, lawlessness, chaos—a world in which there are no inviolable laws.  We just make it up as we go along.  What would seem detestable just yesterday, is the acceptable practice of today.  So now we’ve made this full circle from polite “civilized” society back to cannibalism.  Perhaps mankind has not come as far as we think.  Like Huxley’s horrific futuristic vision, maybe we are heading somewhere deeply disturbing.   

God is called the Alpha and Omega in the Bible for good reason.  He is the “Beginning” and the “End”.  If we don’t start AND finish with God’s laws as the solid supports of any society or legislation, we will finish badly. So now…..Forward.  Let’s just make sure it is not into the abyss.

I am posting a clip forwarded to me by my cousin.  Whether you are a Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant person of faith--you will relate to the Biblical references and freedom of religion concerns in this YouTube video.

“I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, 'They are my people,' and they will say, 'The LORD is our God.'"~Zechariah 13:9


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