Friday, May 11, 2012

Unholy Supper

Last week, President Obama and Hollywood’s elite gathered at George Clooney’s house for a mega-fundraiser dinner. The Associated Press reported today that Wolfgang Puck’s menu included an opening salad of artichoke hearts, followed by Peking duck, a combination of beef cheek and lamb with a side of Brussel sprouts. 

Here is an interesting quote made by Obama during the fundraiser dinner:

"We raised a lot of money because people love George," Obama said. "They like me; they love George."Then seriously, he added: "He seems to occupy a constant state of grace, and uses his extraordinary talents on behalf of something truly important."

The menu and words continued to unnerve me. What a weird combination of foods and foreign sounding dishes for an American President. As, I continued to mentally dissect the dishes one by one it became more troubling:

Arti”choke Hearts: First, we begin with choking our hearts (consciences). This is a fitting start to whet our palate for the coming entrees. 

Peking Duck: We continue to feast as “sitting ducks” to this dish named in honor of China. Isn’t this the same China which is choking us financially and serving up “ground baby pills” along with its one-child forced abortion policies? The word “Inappropriate” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Lamb & Beef Cheeks: Lamb is the traditional Easter and Passover meal. It is an unusual combination with Beef because the two flavors do not complement each other. As Christians we believe that Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb. Jews believe it represents a sacrifice for sin. To combine this with “Beef Cheeks”—a typically fatty and tough facial muscle from a cow is an odd choice to say the least. Cheeks bring to mind “tongue in cheek”—which indicates talking out of both sides of your mouth (or lying) and “cheeky”—a word that means disrespectful. 

Brussel Sprouts: Another bizarre name choice to have on the Presidential menu. I could understand if this was a dinner honoring several nations around the world but it is very peculiar in combination with “Peking Duck”. Did Leon Panetta get the official UN “permission” for this menu? Are we mixing Chinese oppressive government with the Brussels “anything goes” mentality? Just last week I wrote about Brussels sanctioning euthanasia for the elderly and disabled. Mix this with Chinese forced abortions, ground baby pills and you’ve really got the “recipe for death”. 

And as an after-dinner aperitif he confers "a constant state of grace" on his Hollywood “worshippers”.--truly creepy.

Strangely, this dinner was held immediately after many right-leaning news commentators predicted the President’s political demise in the upcoming election based on his “coming out” in favor of gay marriage. Let’s just hope this Unholy Supper doesn’t mark the beginning of Obama’s political career “rising from the dead”.

Now that’s food for thought.

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