Monday, May 28, 2012

"They" are not the Enemy

Memorial Day Message

I began my college education as a psychology major.  Like most secular universities, I got a liberal indoctrination into the favorite ideologies of the day:  women’s oppression by men, black oppression by whites, Native Indian oppression by settlers—on an on.  Much of this still prevails under the appearance of education today at our secular (and sadly some non-secular) colleges today.  While I don’t discount that there were and are great atrocities committed group against group—I systematically reject the notion that any one group is automatically conferred to a morally superior position simply because they have been persecuted.  At one time or another, ALL ethnic groups have faced persecution in history.  Instead, I view it under one big Truth canopy of “Man’s inhumanity to man”.  This is a core truth that has been around since the beginning of time.  It is absolutely something that we need Providential deliverance from.  Given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, we too can inflict great pain to another human being. However, stirring up one segment of society against another with divisive rhetoric can only result in a poor outcome.   

In my psych studies, I was required in one class to lead a “consciousness-raising” session.  Those of you who admit to being an adult in the 1970’s will recall this movement that was supposed to bring everyone into an enlightened state regarding some particular issue of the day.  My topic was feminism-- why women were presumably a persecuted class.  I don’t remember the class very well, only that I did get an “A” so I guess I raised everyone’s consciousness (smile).  The stark reality was that my consciousness was forever raised also.  As I was leaving the class one day I noticed my psychology professor yelling at a hapless young man who dared to open the door for her.  What was his unforgiveable sin?  She ranted and raved how she was perfectly fine opening a door for herself, that she didn’t need his condescending assistance, that he was a total ignorant jerk like most men.  It was at that moment that I got a bolt of complete clarity.   Fostering this feeling of offense cannot result in anything good.  Words have power—power to heal and power to cause great harm. 

When we carry with us a “spirit of offense”, we are like the psychology professor and suddenly “they”—whoever “they” may be--ALL become the enemy.  We see this in the recent news stories highlighting white on black and black on white violence.  I think 95% of white and black people truly just want to “get along” in the words of Rodney King.  However, listening to the daily news drivel, you would think that most white and black people in this country despise each other.  This is not something that I readily observe in my daily encounters with everyday people.  Mostly, I get a reaction back similar to the one that I put out.  If we scowl at people, we will most likely get the same response back.  Maybe the news media needs to create some tension and drama in order to beef up its audience.  Like any comic book parody distortion of good and evil—you need some clearly identified warped characterizations of the “good guy” and the “bad guy” to sell your story. 

In my sincere desire to raise the consciousness of my own sphere of influence about sanctity of life issues, I pray I do not fall into this trap myself.  The percentage of women who have had abortions in the United States has now reached an astronomical level of 43% of the female population.  The next time you are in a group of women, look to your left and then to your right.  Chances are one of these women has had an abortion sometime in her life.  “They” are not the enemy.  They are human beings also created in the image of God and need our love, support and compassion.  The “Enemy” begins with a capital letter.  He causes evil to proliferate and does his best work in the dark.  So, this Memorial Day, let’s “raise the consciousness” of our society and be a light in the darkness to ALL the victims of the American Holocaust.  
Remember to Honor our Veterans this Memorial Day!    

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