Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Day of Prayer

This weekend my family and I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Orlando/Disney. It was a time filled with rides, fun and laughter as we celebrated my son’s 13th birthday with friends. During our visit to Epcot, I noticed a young Down’s Syndrome girl holding hands with the character “Mulan” in Epcot’s China World Showcase. Initially I was struck by the irony of being in “ China ” where girl children are regularly put to death by abortion due to the one child policy. How much more so would this female Down’s Syndrome child never see the light of day in “real” China ? Ah….but I was in the good ole U S of A. That would never happen here right?

The look of joy and wonderment on the child’s face continued to warm my heart. Unfortunately, my smugness was zapped completely on the trip home. While reading a news magazine I came across an article regarding the new European movement towards euthanasia. Apparently, the Brussels/Dutch region has approved euthanasia since 2002 with an alarming increase in the amount of people “opting out” of life. Well, you might say, shouldn’t people have a right to decide on their quality of life? 

Sounds good in human secular type theory—except people are opting out OTHERS not themselves. Now grown children can put down granny or grandpa if they get senile or dementia. If disabled children get to be too burdensome, just get one doctor to agree with you and POOF—no more problem! Parents that walk down the street in Brussels with disabled children are literally accosted by a hostile community asking “Why did you not euthanize this child?” I thought upon first glance that I was reading a fictional account of a horror story—but this actually happens TODAY!

It really makes perfect sense when you think that the state controls all the health care and entitlement programs that they hand out to the stupefied masses. A disabled child means a disproportionate amount of money is going to care for that individual child and, with the European debt crisis looming, everyone knows that resources are limited. It is truly “survival of the fittest” come to roost in the hearts and minds of the people. As long as we don’t value the least among us, this is eventually the end net result.

This whole concept continued to plague my mind. Again, I kept consoling myself that the American people would simply not accept this type of thinking. God gave me exactly two days of lying to myself before the issue hit me square in the face once again. I opened my email this morning to find a friend had sent me an extremely disturbing clip of the Dr. Phil show from April 2012. Many of you got that clip this morning by email. To sum up: a woman on the show wants to have the “right” to euthanize her two adult disabled children. After making her case, Dr. Phil polls the audience. How many here would grant her this right? I watched with increasing degrees of amazement, shock and horror as NINETY PERCENT of the American audience raised their hands!!!!! So much for the good ole U S of A theory.

I leave you today with a clip of Kathleen Sebelius being questioned before Congress. She is the head of the Health & Human Services Department (again—the irony of this name is priceless). For those of you who follow the alarming assault on our religious rights and values---you will either laugh your head off or cry yourself silly. Here is a prime example of what is currently running our country.


1) Please pray for our nation. Take 5 minutes this evening before you go to bed and pray for this nation, our neighbors, and all people across the world.

2) Please prayerfully consider sharing this blog with people in your sphere of influence. Together we can exponentially resist this type of thinking!

Thank you and God Bless!

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