Sunday, May 20, 2012

They're Baaaack!

Nazis Make a Political Comeback in Greek Elections

Did you ever watch a horror movie where the central “bogeyman” just keeps coming back again and again?  No matter how many times he is hit, shot, bludgeoned or locked up—you can be sure that, when you least expect it, a scary, gnarled hand with sinister fingernails will lock itself around the victims neck at least one more time. 

I had this same sensation reading about the Greece elections.  Apparently a major percentage of the police force actually voted FOR….wait for it….the neo-Nazi party called “Golden Dawn” in the last elections!  What the huh???  Don’t all rational people remember the atrocities of the Holocaust?  The very name “Nazi” should evoke depths of evil we, as a global population, would not like to plumb again.  Who in their right mind would actually CHOOSE to elect people that espouse this ideology with all the backward perspective we have of history?  How is this remotely possible in a democratically elected, first world nation like Greece?
Here’s a quote from Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress:

“The Golden Dawn party is a dark stain on European politics.  For the first time in over six decades a seemingly long hidden Nazi ideology returned to power."

If these questions keep you awake at night (as they do me), we need to take a good hard look at the circumstances occurring in Greece.  What cauldron of events would make this Holocaust-denying political faction a viable selection for SEVEN PERCENT of the voting population?  An election which resulted in an astonishing TWENTY-ONE seats in the Greek Parliament! 
Here’s what I believe is in the “brewing political cauldron”: 

Let’s start with a base of entitlements…..Main ingredient:  SLOTH
And this is so “tasty”, that the people want more and more….GLUTTONY
Next let’s stir in profligate and irresponsible taxing & spending….GREED
Add a generous amount of lack or concern for your fellow citizens….HATE or WRATH
Mix in a LUST for power from the government
Add a pinch of class warfare jealousy….ENVY
And then top off with the final, ultimate secret ingredient….PRIDE:  An attitude that this can’t possibly happen to you or your country.      

If you are a student of theology, you will quickly recognize that these are all the “ingredients” of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS.  No wonder the Catholic Church calls them “deadly”.  They do indeed lead to actual DEATH—thus:  Hurray!--let’s all vote for the Nazis!  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the voting booth….chilling. 

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