Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ground Up Baby Pills

People sometimes ask me—“Why do you spend so much time focusing on sanctity of life issues”? Today’s news (May 7th, 2012) answers this question to the extreme: Here’s the link and here’s the headline:
“Horrifyingly, Ground Baby Pills are the Real Thing”—Yahoo News
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I guess the best way to answer this question is in the negative. What does a society look like that DOES NOT value the sanctity of life? I recently emailed two stories. Two cultures that both clearly have not valued the sanctity of life. The first was World War II Nazi Germany and sadly, one contemporary democratic culture in Brussels. The first example left us with the atrocity of the Jewish Holocaust. The second with the thought-fog that now sanctions euthanasia of the disabled and elderly under the guise of “compassion”. 
We can now turn our attention to modern day China for another yet another spine chilling example. Just this past October, 2011 a small 2-year old toddler was struck by a vehicle and lay bleeding to death in the street. EIGHTEEN people walked past her like she was a piece of trash in the gutter. Amazingly, the entire event was caught on camera. What struck me the most on this video clip was the complete casual disregard of the passing pedestrians. Lest you think I am exaggerating I have included the disturbing clip. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES). If you really must see it to believe it, click here: 
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THIS, MY FRIENDS, is the natural result of the Chinese “one-child” legislation that totally disregards the sanctity of human life. THIS, MY FRIENDS, is where the US is heading unless we grow a new national conscience!! Don’t think this doesn’t pertain to you and your family. It is a pernicious “thought cancer” that is slowly invading our society like a blanket of black fog. It is no wonder that “ground baby pills” are the latest atrocity to come out of China.

I leave you with an extremely disturbing story about “The Town with No Hope”. Since 2007 a total of SEVENTY-NINE people have HUNG THEMSELVES in just one small town in Wales, England. This is not some weird, esoteric story that I plucked out of a right wing psycho magazine. This was featured in PEOPLE magazine just this past issue of MAY 2012.   

The suicides have occurred with alarming regularity of 1+ per month since they began in 2007. The problem is so excessive that British police have asked the media for a “blackout” of reporting so they can try to stem the out of control situation. The true number of suicides is currently unknown due to the reporting blackout. May I suggest to you that this is a natural progression of human secularism that elevates human “rights” over moral foundations unhinged from Biblical moorings.

As we watch Greece and France spin out of control today in the news, let’s wonder anew why this current administration would encourage us to emulate the socialistic government-control policies that reduce us all to a selfish mind-numbing entitlement complacency.

And lest we get a morally superior attitude—let us remember the 53 million abortion victims of the American Holocaust.

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