Monday, May 28, 2012

"They" are not the Enemy

Memorial Day Message

I began my college education at Hofstra University as a psychology major.  Like most secular universities, I got a liberal indoctrination into the favorite ideologies of the day:  women’s oppression by men, black oppression by whites, Native Indian oppression by settlers—on an on.  Much of this still prevails under the appearance of education today at our secular (and sadly some non-secular) colleges today.  While I don’t discount that there were and are great atrocities committed group against group—I systematically reject the notion that any one group is automatically conferred to a morally superior position simply because they have been persecuted.  At one time or another, ALL ethnic groups have faced persecution in history.  Instead, I view it under one big Truth canopy of “Man’s inhumanity to man”.  This is a core truth that has been around since the beginning of time.  It is absolutely something that we need Providential deliverance from.  Given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, we too can inflict great pain to another human being. However, stirring up one segment of society against another with divisive rhetoric can only result in a poor outcome.   

In my psych studies, I was required in one class to lead a “consciousness-raising” session.  Those of you who admit to being an adult in the 1970’s will recall this movement that was supposed to bring everyone into an enlightened state regarding some particular issue of the day.  My topic was feminism-- why women were presumably a persecuted class.  I don’t remember the class very well, only that I did get an “A” so I guess I raised everyone’s consciousness (smile).  The stark reality was that my consciousness was forever raised also.  As I was leaving the class one day I noticed my psychology professor yelling at a hapless young man who dared to open the door for her.  What was his unforgiveable sin?  She ranted and raved how she was perfectly fine opening a door for herself, that she didn’t need his condescending assistance, that he was a total ignorant jerk like most men.  It was at that moment that I got a bolt of complete clarity.   Fostering this feeling of offense cannot result in anything good.  Words have power—power to heal and power to cause great harm. 

When we carry with us a “spirit of offense”, we are like the psychology professor and suddenly “they”—whoever “they” may be--ALL become the enemy.  We see this in the recent news stories highlighting white on black and black on white violence.  I think 95% of white and black people truly just want to “get along” in the words of Rodney King.  However, listening to the daily news drivel, you would think that most white and black people in this country despise each other.  This is not something that I readily observe in my daily encounters with everyday people.  Mostly, I get a reaction back similar to the one that I put out.  If we scowl at people, we will most likely get the same response back.  Maybe the news media needs to create some tension and drama in order to beef up its audience.  Like any comic book parody distortion of good and evil—you need some clearly identified warped characterizations of the “good guy” and the “bad guy” to sell your story. 

In my sincere desire to raise the consciousness of my own sphere of influence about sanctity of life issues, I pray I do not fall into this trap myself.  The percentage of women who have had abortions in the United States has now reached an astronomical level of 43% of the female population.  The next time you are in a group of women, look to your left and then to your right.  Chances are one of these women has had an abortion sometime in her life.  “They” are not the enemy.  They are human beings also created in the image of God and need our love, support and compassion.  The “Enemy” begins with a capital letter.  He causes evil to proliferate and does his best work in the dark.  So, this Memorial Day, let’s “raise the consciousness” of our society and be a light in the darkness to ALL the victims of the American Holocaust.  
Remember to Honor our Veterans this Memorial Day!    

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brave New World

Perhaps you were required to read Aldoux Huxley’s famous novel “Brave New World” when you were in high school.  Almost prophetically, Huxley envisions a society where reproductive technology has completely transformed the culture.  Huxley’s book was a sartorial answer to the “utopian” books of that period that romanticized a socialist society where everyone got what they needed equally.  In Huxley's book, human interaction was devoid of any intimacy and religion was obsolete.  Government controlled everything and life was predictable, sanitized and bland.  Maybe the author was just following that particular line of utopian wishful thinking to its natural conclusion: as long as fallible man is ruling the planet there would be no such thing as a “fair share” society.  Any effort to generate one would result in a vanilla mix of humanity where everyone was marginally the same but no one was special.  If you haven’t read this book in awhile, I urge you to check it out again.  It will capture you with its prescient depictions of societies gone mad through technology and radical cultural change. When this book came out in the 1930’s, these concepts were considered total fiction and fantasy—difficult for anyone to really believe outside of the setting of complete flights of the imagination.  Fast forward 80 years.  It appears that Huxley was amazingly accurate to some degree.  Perhaps just enacting “change” without some sort of moral compass is not necessarily progress and will have disastrous results.    

The current Democratic campaign slogan in 2012 is:  “Forward”.  That’s it—simply “forward”, nothing else.  This slogan evokes feelings in me from mild amusement as in….Just Forward?—no further explanation? Forward where?  Do we have a plan?  Is forward always necessarily good?  To downright shudders…….I imagine masses of people being pushed “forward”.  Jews being herded “forward” into the gas chambers…..Women being urged “forward” into an abortion clinic….Society now being shepherded “forward” into some strange, brave new untested world. 

Recently, I wrote about the “brave, new world” in China.  To date, that blog posting has had the most outraged response due to the disturbingly true story of “Ground up Baby flesh pills” (see May 8th, 2012 post about this latest atrocity coming out of China).

Sometimes, thankfully, we can still be shocked.   

Readers asked:  “Why, why, why…would someone want to grind up baby flesh and package it as ‘stamina’ pills”?  I think a much better question is “Why not?” Any ideological philosophy that is unhinged from a grounded moral mooring is based on human reasoning.  Here’s the reasoning (sick though it is) that goes into grinding up human babies and cannibalizing them for your own personal improvement:


1)      First Premise:  There is nothing inherently sacred about human life.

2)      Next logical step:  If there is nothing sacred about human life, then human life is the moral equivalent of animal or plant life.

3)      And then:  Don’t we use animals and plants for food and sustainment?

4)      Conclusion:  Hey…Let’s use humans for food and sustainment!


1)      “They” are just going to waste anyway—we may as well utilize the parts as a product.  Take historical note of the “stripping away” of the Jewish race during the Holocaust.  Why waste perfectly good clothing, glasses, hair, and gold teeth?  We may as well extract these items of “value” (personal objects) from the “item of no value” (humans). 

2)      We personally did not cause the demise of the human flesh we are ingesting. 

3)      Perhaps some “good” can come out of this atrocity.  Especially for MY selfish “good”—then I can have the added benefit of feeling positive about this experience.      

Next:  take this line of thinking and apply it to ANY social issue that does not BEGIN and END with God’s laws.  It has a name.  It is called moral relativism or human secularism/reasoning.  It is a frightening and evil way to structure any society on the planet.  In plain English it says:  Whatever I, I, I, I, I, think is what is OK.  Perhaps I, I, I, I, I think it is OK to shoot and eat you.  It is no surprise that the first recorded sin in the Old Testament was Lucifer stating:  I will be like the Most High”.   “Well…that’s just ridiculous!”--you might say.  “We have laws to prevent that kind of thing!”  Well, maybe we have those laws today…tomorrow—no guarantees.  What if there were world-wide food shortages?  What if you were going to die soon anyway?  What if you said it was OK to shoot and eat you because you wanted to “opt out” with suicide and donate your body?  Shouldn’t you have that “choice” and “right”?  In a democratic society, I just need to get 50% plus 1 to agree with me in order for this to become the law of the land.
This is called anarchy, lawlessness, chaos—a world in which there are no inviolable laws.  We just make it up as we go along.  What would seem detestable just yesterday, is the acceptable practice of today.  So now we’ve made this full circle from polite “civilized” society back to cannibalism.  Perhaps mankind has not come as far as we think.  Like Huxley’s horrific futuristic vision, maybe we are heading somewhere deeply disturbing.   

God is called the Alpha and Omega in the Bible for good reason.  He is the “Beginning” and the “End”.  If we don’t start AND finish with God’s laws as the solid supports of any society or legislation, we will finish badly. So now…..Forward.  Let’s just make sure it is not into the abyss.

I am posting a clip forwarded to me by my cousin.  Whether you are a Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant person of faith--you will relate to the Biblical references and freedom of religion concerns in this YouTube video.

“I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, 'They are my people,' and they will say, 'The LORD is our God.'"~Zechariah 13:9


Sunday, May 20, 2012

They're Baaaack!

Nazis Make a Political Comeback in Greek Elections

Did you ever watch a horror movie where the central “bogeyman” just keeps coming back again and again?  No matter how many times he is hit, shot, bludgeoned or locked up—you can be sure that, when you least expect it, a scary, gnarled hand with sinister fingernails will lock itself around the victims neck at least one more time. 

I had this same sensation reading about the Greece elections.  Apparently a major percentage of the police force actually voted FOR….wait for it….the neo-Nazi party called “Golden Dawn” in the last elections!  What the huh???  Don’t all rational people remember the atrocities of the Holocaust?  The very name “Nazi” should evoke depths of evil we, as a global population, would not like to plumb again.  Who in their right mind would actually CHOOSE to elect people that espouse this ideology with all the backward perspective we have of history?  How is this remotely possible in a democratically elected, first world nation like Greece?
Here’s a quote from Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress:

“The Golden Dawn party is a dark stain on European politics.  For the first time in over six decades a seemingly long hidden Nazi ideology returned to power."

If these questions keep you awake at night (as they do me), we need to take a good hard look at the circumstances occurring in Greece.  What cauldron of events would make this Holocaust-denying political faction a viable selection for SEVEN PERCENT of the voting population?  An election which resulted in an astonishing TWENTY-ONE seats in the Greek Parliament! 
Here’s what I believe is in the “brewing political cauldron”: 

Let’s start with a base of entitlements…..Main ingredient:  SLOTH
And this is so “tasty”, that the people want more and more….GLUTTONY
Next let’s stir in profligate and irresponsible taxing & spending….GREED
Add a generous amount of lack or concern for your fellow citizens….HATE or WRATH
Mix in a LUST for power from the government
Add a pinch of class warfare jealousy….ENVY
And then top off with the final, ultimate secret ingredient….PRIDE:  An attitude that this can’t possibly happen to you or your country.      

If you are a student of theology, you will quickly recognize that these are all the “ingredients” of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS.  No wonder the Catholic Church calls them “deadly”.  They do indeed lead to actual DEATH—thus:  Hurray!--let’s all vote for the Nazis!  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the voting booth….chilling. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful People

I’ve recently debated cancelling my People magazine subscription as it has deteriorated lately into page after page of self-absorbed “beautiful” people interested in the latest fashion or their most recent self-serving exploits. However, I can strongly recommend the “Heroes Among Us” section as both entertaining, uplifting and heart-warming. This past issue featured a Down’s Syndrome entrepreneur named Tim. At 26 years old, he has opened his own restaurant which now employees over 20 people. He regularly speaks to disabled groups to encourage them to aspire to great goals. Please take a moment to view this short YouTube clip. You will be encouraged.

Here’s the ironic twist: People like Tim don’t need us as much as we need them!  We need them to desperately remind us what the world would look like without mentally challenged or disabled people. As he manages his store, he keeps a record on the wall of how many hugs he has handed out. I don’t want to live in a “sanitized” society with no “Tims”. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, the number of Down’s syndrome births has declined dramatically as a percentage of live births. We call this “progress”.

Ironically, as I flip over the People magazine page there is a news article on the other side about the “tanning mom”.  The mom who is so addicted to self-tanning that she even salon-tanned her 5 year old daughter to the point of dangerous burns.  The juxtaposition between the two is striking. Tim reminds us of the God-given spark of humanity in all of us. This is the same divine spark that enables all of us to do great things regardless of our start in life. The other story shows a navel-gazing fascination with “me, me, me” that sends us down a scary, weird pathway in pursuit of eternal youth and external perfection. Like the “tanning mom”, by the time we as a society take a long, hard look into the mirror of our souls—we have turned into a parody of ourselves. A parody that can no longer recognize how incredibly leathery, scorched and hideous we have become.

This next YouTube Clip was on the front page of Yahoo News today, May 12th, 2012. It is a fitting tribute for Mother’s Day. Be warned—it will make you weep out loud—but in a good way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Unholy Supper

Last week, President Obama and Hollywood’s elite gathered at George Clooney’s house for a mega-fundraiser dinner. The Associated Press reported today that Wolfgang Puck’s menu included an opening salad of artichoke hearts, followed by Peking duck, a combination of beef cheek and lamb with a side of Brussel sprouts. 

Here is an interesting quote made by Obama during the fundraiser dinner:

"We raised a lot of money because people love George," Obama said. "They like me; they love George."Then seriously, he added: "He seems to occupy a constant state of grace, and uses his extraordinary talents on behalf of something truly important."

The menu and words continued to unnerve me. What a weird combination of foods and foreign sounding dishes for an American President. As, I continued to mentally dissect the dishes one by one it became more troubling:

Arti”choke Hearts: First, we begin with choking our hearts (consciences). This is a fitting start to whet our palate for the coming entrees. 

Peking Duck: We continue to feast as “sitting ducks” to this dish named in honor of China. Isn’t this the same China which is choking us financially and serving up “ground baby pills” along with its one-child forced abortion policies? The word “Inappropriate” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Lamb & Beef Cheeks: Lamb is the traditional Easter and Passover meal. It is an unusual combination with Beef because the two flavors do not complement each other. As Christians we believe that Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb. Jews believe it represents a sacrifice for sin. To combine this with “Beef Cheeks”—a typically fatty and tough facial muscle from a cow is an odd choice to say the least. Cheeks bring to mind “tongue in cheek”—which indicates talking out of both sides of your mouth (or lying) and “cheeky”—a word that means disrespectful. 

Brussel Sprouts: Another bizarre name choice to have on the Presidential menu. I could understand if this was a dinner honoring several nations around the world but it is very peculiar in combination with “Peking Duck”. Did Leon Panetta get the official UN “permission” for this menu? Are we mixing Chinese oppressive government with the Brussels “anything goes” mentality? Just last week I wrote about Brussels sanctioning euthanasia for the elderly and disabled. Mix this with Chinese forced abortions, ground baby pills and you’ve really got the “recipe for death”. 

And as an after-dinner aperitif he confers "a constant state of grace" on his Hollywood “worshippers”.--truly creepy.

Strangely, this dinner was held immediately after many right-leaning news commentators predicted the President’s political demise in the upcoming election based on his “coming out” in favor of gay marriage. Let’s just hope this Unholy Supper doesn’t mark the beginning of Obama’s political career “rising from the dead”.

Now that’s food for thought.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ground Up Baby Pills

People sometimes ask me—“Why do you spend so much time focusing on sanctity of life issues”? Today’s news (May 7th, 2012) answers this question to the extreme: Here’s the link and here’s the headline:
“Horrifyingly, Ground Baby Pills are the Real Thing”—Yahoo News
Click Here for News Article
I guess the best way to answer this question is in the negative. What does a society look like that DOES NOT value the sanctity of life? I recently emailed two stories. Two cultures that both clearly have not valued the sanctity of life. The first was World War II Nazi Germany and sadly, one contemporary democratic culture in Brussels. The first example left us with the atrocity of the Jewish Holocaust. The second with the thought-fog that now sanctions euthanasia of the disabled and elderly under the guise of “compassion”. 
We can now turn our attention to modern day China for another yet another spine chilling example. Just this past October, 2011 a small 2-year old toddler was struck by a vehicle and lay bleeding to death in the street. EIGHTEEN people walked past her like she was a piece of trash in the gutter. Amazingly, the entire event was caught on camera. What struck me the most on this video clip was the complete casual disregard of the passing pedestrians. Lest you think I am exaggerating I have included the disturbing clip. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES). If you really must see it to believe it, click here: 
Click here for China News Article

THIS, MY FRIENDS, is the natural result of the Chinese “one-child” legislation that totally disregards the sanctity of human life. THIS, MY FRIENDS, is where the US is heading unless we grow a new national conscience!! Don’t think this doesn’t pertain to you and your family. It is a pernicious “thought cancer” that is slowly invading our society like a blanket of black fog. It is no wonder that “ground baby pills” are the latest atrocity to come out of China.

I leave you with an extremely disturbing story about “The Town with No Hope”. Since 2007 a total of SEVENTY-NINE people have HUNG THEMSELVES in just one small town in Wales, England. This is not some weird, esoteric story that I plucked out of a right wing psycho magazine. This was featured in PEOPLE magazine just this past issue of MAY 2012.   

The suicides have occurred with alarming regularity of 1+ per month since they began in 2007. The problem is so excessive that British police have asked the media for a “blackout” of reporting so they can try to stem the out of control situation. The true number of suicides is currently unknown due to the reporting blackout. May I suggest to you that this is a natural progression of human secularism that elevates human “rights” over moral foundations unhinged from Biblical moorings.

As we watch Greece and France spin out of control today in the news, let’s wonder anew why this current administration would encourage us to emulate the socialistic government-control policies that reduce us all to a selfish mind-numbing entitlement complacency.

And lest we get a morally superior attitude—let us remember the 53 million abortion victims of the American Holocaust.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Day of Prayer

This weekend my family and I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Orlando/Disney. It was a time filled with rides, fun and laughter as we celebrated my son’s 13th birthday with friends. During our visit to Epcot, I noticed a young Down’s Syndrome girl holding hands with the character “Mulan” in Epcot’s China World Showcase. Initially I was struck by the irony of being in “ China ” where girl children are regularly put to death by abortion due to the one child policy. How much more so would this female Down’s Syndrome child never see the light of day in “real” China ? Ah….but I was in the good ole U S of A. That would never happen here right?

The look of joy and wonderment on the child’s face continued to warm my heart. Unfortunately, my smugness was zapped completely on the trip home. While reading a news magazine I came across an article regarding the new European movement towards euthanasia. Apparently, the Brussels/Dutch region has approved euthanasia since 2002 with an alarming increase in the amount of people “opting out” of life. Well, you might say, shouldn’t people have a right to decide on their quality of life? 

Sounds good in human secular type theory—except people are opting out OTHERS not themselves. Now grown children can put down granny or grandpa if they get senile or dementia. If disabled children get to be too burdensome, just get one doctor to agree with you and POOF—no more problem! Parents that walk down the street in Brussels with disabled children are literally accosted by a hostile community asking “Why did you not euthanize this child?” I thought upon first glance that I was reading a fictional account of a horror story—but this actually happens TODAY!

It really makes perfect sense when you think that the state controls all the health care and entitlement programs that they hand out to the stupefied masses. A disabled child means a disproportionate amount of money is going to care for that individual child and, with the European debt crisis looming, everyone knows that resources are limited. It is truly “survival of the fittest” come to roost in the hearts and minds of the people. As long as we don’t value the least among us, this is eventually the end net result.

This whole concept continued to plague my mind. Again, I kept consoling myself that the American people would simply not accept this type of thinking. God gave me exactly two days of lying to myself before the issue hit me square in the face once again. I opened my email this morning to find a friend had sent me an extremely disturbing clip of the Dr. Phil show from April 2012. Many of you got that clip this morning by email. To sum up: a woman on the show wants to have the “right” to euthanize her two adult disabled children. After making her case, Dr. Phil polls the audience. How many here would grant her this right? I watched with increasing degrees of amazement, shock and horror as NINETY PERCENT of the American audience raised their hands!!!!! So much for the good ole U S of A theory.

I leave you today with a clip of Kathleen Sebelius being questioned before Congress. She is the head of the Health & Human Services Department (again—the irony of this name is priceless). For those of you who follow the alarming assault on our religious rights and values---you will either laugh your head off or cry yourself silly. Here is a prime example of what is currently running our country.


1) Please pray for our nation. Take 5 minutes this evening before you go to bed and pray for this nation, our neighbors, and all people across the world.

2) Please prayerfully consider sharing this blog with people in your sphere of influence. Together we can exponentially resist this type of thinking!

Thank you and God Bless!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter and Passover Greetings

This year on Good Friday, my family and I had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in Naples, Florida.  It felt like a wholly appropriate day—a day in history when the death of another Jewish man forever changed the world.  The museum images were disturbing and relevant.  We were most horrified by the Nazi rhetoric that helped to pave the way for a strain of thought that caused ordinary Germans to treat a segment of humanity as disposable garbage.    

The similarities to the political rhetoric in the US today and pre-WWII Germany were downright creepy.  One of the posters on the wall of the museum stated that Hitler originally stirred up the German people by inciting the economic dissatisfactions of the lower and middle classes (can anyone say “class warfare”?).  He also slowly began removing the rights of the people.  Today we see an assault on the 1st amendment—the freedom of the Catholic Church to practice it’s religion as it sees fit.  Another assault is in the making on the 2nd amendment:  the right to bear arms.  Hitler knew if the populace were unarmed, then resistance would be very difficult.  One of Hitler’s first acts was to disarm the Jewish populace (1938 Nazi weapons control law).  The docent in the museum shared with us his personal journey on this issue.  He said, like most peace-loving persons, that he was originally very “anti-gun”.  After studying history, he came to the conclusion that an unarmed populace is exactly what a dictatorial tyrant needs in order to brutalize them.  Our forefathers recognized this 200 years ago when they ensured this right in the Constitution.  We must stand together in unity to fight any actions to remove Constitutional rights from the American people. 

I was also greatly relieved to see the examples of Christian resistance to the Holocaust.  From the nun who hid a Jewish girl in the convent, to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, to the “White Rose” resistance: committed Christians knew in their hearts that they were living in a time of unspeakable evil.  These were Christians who were willing to suffer the same fate as their fellow Jewish citizens at the hands of an evil regime.  On Good Friday and Easter, Christians are reminded that we are called to a life of “sacrifice” like Christ.  At Passover, Jews remember their deliverance from oppression.  We must ask ourselves: “What would we have done had we lived in 1940’s Germany”?  

Today there is another disturbing similarity in the current strain of thought that attempts to classify other people as “less than”, or deserving of less consideration than others.  I know this is a highly volatile and argument-producing position.  However, we need to educate ourselves on the VERY disconcerting correlation of the abortion industry propaganda to the line of thought that caused the Jewish Holocaust.  The EXACT SAME procession of thinking goes into all the justifications I hear today for abortion:  These are not “people”.  “They” are the cause of some obstacle or goal that needs to be eradicated for advancement.  “They” are expensive to maintain and are costing us money.  We don’t want to be “punished” by them.  They must be sacrificed in order to obtain some higher objective.  There was a poster on the wall of the Holocaust museum that showed how a German family of 5 can be maintained for the same amount of money it took to care for one mentally challenged person.  This was one of the few times that the German Catholic Church took a very strong stance against the Nazis—the Nazis eventually backed down by removing this type of propaganda. 

In our society today, as in Nazi Germany, human beings are reduced to their monetary value and not their intrinsic value as unique and beautiful creations of God—created in the very likeness of God as stated in our Jewish and Christian holy text (Genesis).  Obama-“care” (a bastardization of a word if ever I heard one) wants to enforce that all women get in-vitro testing—for the sole purpose of identifying who among us should be suitable for destruction—eerily reminiscent of the “testing” that went on in the Nazi Death Camps.  Many of you reading this may feel—so what?  Abortion is a woman’s right.  I urge you to reconsider this position in the light of Nazi propaganda—eerily reminiscent words and justifications. 

Lastly, I was struck by the “Rosenstrasse protest” story.  It seems that a small group of Aryan wives, married to Jewish men, revolted against the Nazi regime when their husbands were detained for potential transportation to a death camp.  The amazing part of this story is the Nazi regime actually BACKED DOWN and returned their Jewish husbands!  Imagine that—a small group of ticked off women took on Hitler and the SS and WON!

We MUST speak out.  Do not think that your ONE voice has no impact.  ONE Swiss man saved 1000 Jews by issuing them life-saving travel visas in defiance of the Nazi regime.  With the “power of the Internet”—from YouTube viral videos and blast emails, we have the power to resist evil exponentially.  Christians and Jews must once again UNITE against the forces that are trying to sell us the same evil strain of thought prevalent in the Nazi era that murdered 6 million Jews.  Americans are having their consciences seared in preparation for another coming persecution.  As someone (in my college days) who originally bought the line that it was “my body, my rights”—I have slowly seen the evil evolution of this strain of thought.  We need to study Nazi history and see the similarities of reducing persons to “disposable”.  We need to have compassion for women who have been sold this lie and now suffer from the physical and psychological consequences—consequences very similar to the “survivor guilt” experienced by Jewish Holocaust survivors.

I realize by vocalizing these opinions, that we risk social ostracism or offending some of our more liberal friends and neighbors.  We are taught not to discuss “religion and politics”.  Imagine how many Germans felt that way in the 1930’s?   This risk is insignificant when we remember the Jewish and Christian resistance forces that risked and sacrificed their very lives to speak out.  Once we truly value the sanctity of life….ALL life….

Only then can we all truly say “NEVER AGAIN”. 

To my Jewish friends:  Happy Passover. 
To my Christian friends & family:  Happy Easter.